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Choosing a spectacular pie

I love to eat pies for dessert, but I don't have the patience to spend hours preparing them. Luckily, I have a great bakery just near me that makes spectacular pies that we can eat after dinner. The filling options change through the year depending on what is 'in season', but they are always absolutely delicious. Whenever we have guests for dinner they are always really impressed with the pies and ask me where I get them from. If you like pies and are looking for advice on how to find and identify the best pies, check out this blog.

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Pastry Staging | 3 Stunning Presentation Tactics To Make Your Pastries Appear Café Quality For A Dinner Party
29 December 2016

How many times have you walked into a café or bake


Pastry Staging | 3 Stunning Presentation Tactics To Make Your Pastries Appear Café Quality For A Dinner Party

How many times have you walked into a café or bakery and wanted to devour the pastries on display? Professional cafes have nailed down the presentation of their desserts, which is why they seem so mouth watering and delicious. But you can never seem to get the same presentation when you try on your own? This guide shows you how with some stunning presentation tactics for your next dinner party.

Infuse Colourful Beauty Into Your Pastries With Different Toppings

Never underestimate the value of colour when it comes to making your pastries look alluring because the human eye is automatically attracted to items through the visual medium. For instance, puff pastries with a single colour palette can be dressed up with colourful strawberries, mint leaves, nuts and cherries to give them striking contrast. You can add different toppings of your choice based on your personal preferences, and those of your guests.  You can even use the theme colour of your party to set off your pastry hues –– creating visual masterpieces for your guests.

Integrate Variegated Elements, But Use The Pastry As The Standout Of The Plate

Use the pastry as the standout of the plate and integrate variegated elements to produce contrast and visual appeal, especially since the pastry on its own will not have much aesthetic prowess. For instance, you can pair up the pastry with elements like bananas, apples, cherries, cookies, chocolates, marshmallows and custard to produce a striking visual contrast with your pastry as the standout of the entire plate. You can even decorate the base plate with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauces for an uplifted visual appearance. These additional elements add some more texture and drama to the pastry dessert for your party, giving it café-like professionalism in appearance.

Create Different Layers To Draw Visual Attention To Your Pastry Plate

Visual attention is typically drawn to elements set at different layers, so use this concept when plating your pastry dessert for your dinner party. For instance, use a cupcake or dessert stand to place the pastries on one level and the variegated elements on another level. You can also plate the dessert in a manner where the pastry is set over a cookie crumble or nut sprinkle to lift it off the base for producing an additional visual layer.

If you're an avid baker at home, you'll love the idea of producing café-quality presentations for your pastries. Alternatively, you have the option to rely on a professional to give you the dessert finish you desire without much effort necessary from you.